What can I do actively for my legs?


Lack of exercise is the main reason for venous diseases and a typical disease of our time. Native peoples who are always on the go do not know venous diseases.

Breathing exercises

Breathing can also have a positive impact on the venous return of the blood. Breathing in causes negative pressure in the chest, which in turn pulls the blood upwards. However, this requires deep breathing in through the nose. When breathing out, the blood can then flow back into the blood vessels. You should always breathe out through the mouth.

Clothing and shoes

You should refrain from wearing tight clothing that constricts the hip or knee area so that the blood can flow smoothly. Skirts are preferable to trousers as they prevent a build-up of heat around the legs.

When selecting shoes you should make sure that the soles are soft, allowing the foot to roll naturally when walking. Platform shoes prevent the foot from rolling in a healthy way and from exercising the veins. Furthermore, shoes with higher heels make it nearly impossible to roll the foot; you should only wear these shoes occasionally and not for longer periods of time.


Walking barefoot exercises all the muscles of the feet and legs. Walking on sand in particular stimulates activity of the veins and can be easily combined with water treading.

Water applications

Water applications not only have a positive effect on the leg veins, they also activate the entire circulation. It takes some effort, but one quickly gets used to it.

Elevating the legs

It is recommended to elevate the legs as often as possible – e.g. during the lunch break or at home while watching the television. A quick way of decongesting the legs is to lie on the floor on your back. Position yourself against a wall such that the legs are at a nearly 90°angle to the body. You will feel the blood flowing out of the legs. A tingling sensation in the legs is completely normal. If possible, stay in this position for 5 to 10 minutes.

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