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Useful to know...

Why is the VenenWalker so inexpensive compared to other devices?

The entire VenenWalker was newly developed as a serial device and was not assembled using purchased parts. It is manufactured under supervision of the German TÜV in China in an ISO 13485-certified factory and can therefore be offered to a markedly lower price without compromising on performance compared to more expensive devices.

Can I only use the VenenWalker while lying down?

No, although this position is of course the optimal position as it allows the blood to flow back to the heart in the easiest way. However, if you are not able to use the VenenWalker while lying down (e.g. on travels) you can also use it in a seated position, provided the knees are not bent too much.

How often per day can I use the device?

Using the device several times a day is no problem.


Can I also get a prescription for the VenenWalker?

Yes, your doctor can also prescribe the VenenWalker for you. Usually the patient does not have to pay any more towards it.

What are the dimensions of the leg cuffs?

Length: 85cm (including the heel);

widest thigh circumference: 72cm.


How can I clean the cuffs?

With standard, commercially available cleaning agents. Abrasive cleaning agents should be avoided. The cleaning instructions are found on the inside of the cuffs.

Can I also use the VenenWalker if I have swollen legs due to diabetes mellitus?

In contrast to elastic compression (elastic dressings and compression stockings) the VenenWalker can also be used in arterial diseases and diabetes. Elastic compression methods can excessively reduce arterial blood flow. Due to the sensory disturbances associated with diabetes mellitus there is a risk of constrictions going unnoticed. The VenenWalker uses alternating phases with and without compression, so that arterial circulation is ensured.

Can the VenenWalker be prescribed?

Yes, the VenenWalker can be prescribed by a physician. It has been assigned and aid number, just like e.g. wheelchairs. There are no costs for the physician or patient. 


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